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What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a branch of knowledge which is acquired by doing research throughout all domains, such as physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and engineering. Nanotechnology depicts the information about tiny things carried out at the nanoscale, which is nearly 1 to 100 nanometers. Father of nanotechnology, Physicist Richard Feynman introduced the term nanotechnology at first in 1959.

A vista of Nanotechnology

A vista of Nanotechnology

Scientists and engineers have been thinking about atoms or small groups of atoms for years. Eventually, they have been trying also to find out the behavior of atoms. Although materials at nano-size are smaller than atoms of those materials.  From this point of view, they have succeeded to find the behavior of materials at minute scale. Besides they are increasing designing incredible materials at nano-level and thereby, investigating the acts of these materials at this very small level. Therefore, the technology involved in such a minute scale is Nanotechnology.

Some observations of nanotechnology

There are some inquiries which are called into question about nanoscience. These are listed as follows-

  1. Is it good for the human being?
  2. Could it accidentally cause harm?
  3. Does man it use to hurt people intentionally?
  4. Would it be beneficial for human being ultimately?

Insights into nanotechnology

There are inside views of nanotech to utilize it with care. These are as follows-

  1. Can it help us?
  2. Is it dangerous?
  3. How do we use it responsibly?
  4. How do we use it carefully?

Why is nanotechnology special?

This is special because of having its quantum effects and structures. Their tiny structures give some pieces of information about their interaction with other materials. The smaller the size of particles the larger has its surface area. So, they can change the properties of ultimate materials easily and thereby, improve properties such as electrical, conductivity and many other physical as well as chemical properties.



About Md. Shafiul Islam

I have been working as an Assistant Professor since May 26, 2015.My research profile lies at the interface of biomaterial science, life sciences and engineering. I am particularly interested in the design of bionanocomposite materials for relevant clinical applications, e.g. in the context of fabricating and testing biocomposite materials to study the biocompatibility with human body to repair bone tissue. I joined as a lecturer at Noakahli Science and Technology University in May 26,2013. During my working as a Lecturer, I did research on waste water treatment. In connection to this, I applied nanotechnology to treat water as well as waste water. Prior to joining the Noakhali Science and Technology University , I joined as a Scientific Officer in Drug & Toxins Lab as well as Polymer Chemistry Lab at Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR).Before doing scientific works, I did M.S. thesis work in the Institute of Polymer & Radiation Technology. I completed my undergraduate studies in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering ( University of Dhaka, Bangladesh) and gained my M.S. in the same department, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), where he investigated the effect of reinforcement of nano-materials into bio-polymer composite, morphology and the effect of bacteria in the bio-composite. . I achieved Dean's Award in recognition of my excellent academic and oerall performance in B.Sc. In Bangladesh,I was shortlisted for National Science & Technology (NST) Fellowship and was successful in securing funding from Ministry of Science & Technology, in collaboration with Professor Dr.Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, University of Dhaka, towards the manufacture of medical devices that are resistant to microbial colonization. I have authored 6 research papers and 1 conference paper (h-index: 2).

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